Variable Rate Nitrogen


Variable rate Nitrogen applications to arable crops are becoming more popular every year.

We are the General Importer for the Fritzmeier Umwelttecknik Isaria crop sensor system

This tractor mounted system can be used to generate scan maps which can be used to develop Variable Rate plans used by most tractor mounted controllers as described below. 

Customers who have used our bio-mass scanning service can then choose to use the data to create  variable rate spreading files, each customer will be able to decide how they would like to treat individual fields, options include which parts will get a higher or lower dose, set a minimum and maximum and perhaps apply different rates depending on aspect, topography or historical yield performance.

The design of the system allows for it to be mounted on the front of a tractor or self propelled sprayer and be linked to the application device, either spreader or sprayer to give live on the go Variable Rate Applications of Nitrogen, PGR's or Dessicants.